a damn good initiative

backing people and businesses supporting meaningful profit

a Mindd initiative

Become Damn Good is an initiative of Mindd, a digital agency with a purpose. After 30 years of developing strategies, campaigns for leading brands such as Samsung, HTC, T-Mobile and many others, we know there is more to us than commerce.

Namely backing businesses that support the Meaningful Profit idea and walk the golden middle ground between the profit and non-profit sectors. In doing so, they take care of a profitable business, the well-being of their employees and the world around them. In other words, becoming damn good in an economic and social sense.

And the inspiration on this site can get you started. Do you prefer personal (strategic) advice, a campaign or (re)branding? Then feel free to contact us via Mindd.eu or by sending an email to ben(@)becomedamngood.com.

About the author: Ben Steenstra (1973)
Ben Steenstra is co-founder of Mindd, has founded several successful companies, is a strategist, executive coach, public speaker, author of many articles, and a book that was nominated management book of the year, and helps international companies and startups to become damn good.

Nicci Severens author & copywriter

About the co-author: Nicci Severens (1984)
Nicci Severens is co-founder of online platform ‘Become Damn good’ and author of many diverse articles. Furthermore, as a copywriter, creative writer and content marketer, she helps various clients and companies to get more damn good visibility both online and offline.