Nicci Severens

Nicci Severens(1984)
Storyteller & Content Creator | from idea to inspiring text

Born in Maastricht and with a background in print media, I have amassed global experience, ranging from Europe to Canada, and a special time in Thailand where I embraced parenthood. Nowadays, I’m based in Amsterdam, where I focus on freelance SEO writing, copywriting, and content marketing. As a co-author of “Start Giving a Damn”, alongside Ben Steenstra, I co-founded the platform ‘Become Damn Good’; a source for personal and professional growth. My approach is characterized by creativity, punctuality, and a strong ability to connect. Additionally, I’m a quick learner with an insatiable curiosity, which translates into my professional work and my passion for travel and literature.

What makes my work different?

Driven by my travels and curiosity, I’ve always loved digging up remarkable stories. But it’s not just about the places I’ve been or the people I’ve met; it’s about getting to the heart of different cultures. Nowadays, using what I’ve learned, I find fresh ways to tell my clients’ stories, making their brand or product stand out from the crowd. With a mix of heart and analysis, I make sure to tell every story in it’s own unique way.

Work experience

Become Damn Good:Co-founder – Blog/Knowledge platform
Freelance:Copy writer
Lotus Sailing:Content specialist
Garden Connect:Content Marketeer

Worked for customers among others:

Holland Sail, Mindd, Lotus Sailing, Micky Blue, Call the one, GroenRijk


2023:Start Giving a Damn; Do Good, Become Better Yourself
2023:A Damn Good Business, Make Good Money Meaningfully
A Damn Good Business - by Ben Steenstra

Some recommendations

Ben Steenstra

Creative missionair at Mindd, co-founder CallTheONE and author

As a copywriter, Nicci is funny, informative and also understands SEO in almost every detail. She turns complex subject matter into engaging, fun and high-scoring copy. Her writing style is smooth and easy to read, and she adds a wink, where appropriate, for extra charm. A true artist at her craft! I worked and hopefully will work with Nicci for a long time to come, because besides quality and her SEO strategic insight, fun is also worth a lot.

Olaf Busser

Captain-Inland,Service-Technician, Building-support
It’s evident that Nicci possesses not only a knack for engaging writing but also a keen understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The increased visitor numbers to my site, following her blogs, suggest she effectively employs relevant keywords and optimization techniques. While you might not know the precise details of her approach, the outcome speaks for itself. Her ability to craft stories that read smoothly, incorporate humor where appropriate, and remain informative, paired with her SEO expertise, makes her an invaluable asset to your business.